Andy Gilbert

    I am originally from London and have always had a great interest in 
    music. I can play the drums (sort of) and I'm currently having a go at 
    playing the bass guitar. 

    At 16, I auditioned for my local hospital radio but had 
    no luck!  I was also of the YTS generation and went on a course for 
    Recording Studio engineers. Unfortunately, the course, like many others 
    went bankrupt and it was never finished.

    I had a mobile disco setup, which was used for mainly friends 
    parties, but having no van to carry it about meant it didn't get out 
    much so I used to make shows on cassette for friends. 

    Real life then got in the way and any ambitions to work in music took a back burner.

    Fast forward to 2010, I have lived in Devon for 12 years and after 
    joining local community station Bay FM in Exmouth I had his first show 
    in September 2010.

    So here I am now on Exmouth AiR with The Saturday Shuffle - A great mix 
    of old and new tunes and Odd news for 2 hours 10 - midnight."

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